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Our valued network of piano dealers that are making a difference.

The easiest way to get a feel for the quality of our program (design, programming, dealer-centric web tools) is to simply visit a few of our dealer sites. Please note: some site offers more content with additional features then others, simply based on the dealer’s direction, needs and requirements. And some sites are using a more contemporary framework in the design because the site was developed within the past few years. I put an * next to our latest sites, so you can take note of our most updated designs.

Also, to stay current, we are constantly adding, tweaking and developing pages, content and much more. For example; Lafargue Pianos is the first to have our new Used Piano Gallery script which we just launched. Therefore, the other sites are being updated now. So, please visit this site to see our newest Used Piano Gallery Web App.

In conclusion, have fun exploring the sites, make notes on features that relate to your needs, then please contact me so that we can talk more about your site and how our programs can help. Happy Clicking, Tom Folenta

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